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Paket Wisata Lombok

Paket Wisata Lombok

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Paket Wisata Lombok

wisata Lombok - in the south of Lombok, is fast becoming known... known as a beach paradise which is as yet untouched (but perhaps not for long).
It is becoming increasingly popular with couples, families, and just groups of friends and backpackers passing through, and one reason for this is the growth of boat trips available from south Paket Wisata Lombok.
Just a couple of years ago the roads were really bad and hard to drive on, and there was little other transport in the water except for local wooden boats - which could take you out to a surf break, or across a bay, but not really on a sightseeing trip or on a trip to a remote beach (safely).
But Now this is all Changing
Now it is possible to private charter a boat and choose your destination, or to pick from a number of "packages" which include typically a trip to a beach of your choice (Mawun is popular as it is raw and beautiful, and Selong Blanet is highly recommended for it's white powder sand and stunning landscapes and views wisata bali.
Private Charter
Not actually as expensive as you would think - you can hire a your own speedboat, complete with captain for the whole day, and you basically pay for fuel cost + a day rental charge, and with a group of a few friends or for a family it is more than affordable (and definitely worth it).
With private charter the day is yours, the boat operator will typically give you advice on where you can go, what there is to see, the difference between the beaches, where there is nice snorkeling or a nice restaurant nearby.. but then the boat is yours for the whole day to use as you wish.
You could go to a remote beach which is only accessible from the water - your own Robinson Crusoe day out. You could go snorkeling and try to find some sea turtles, before going for seafood on the beach. You could take a morning surf and then sunbathe the afternoon away.
The choice, and freedom, is yours.
Daytrip Packages
It is also possible to go on a popular pre-planned day. Again you get your own boat for just you and your family / friends, and your own captain to drive you.
<b>You typically pick from a few packages - some popular options are:</b>

Family Trip: A visit to one of Lombok's most beautiful beaches, where you will be on an uncrowded white power beach - from the postcards. Also available is the choice to take a picnic hamper, or you can eat at a local restaurant (depending on where you go)

Honeymoon Trip: Take a hamper and bottle of wine, get dropped off on your own private little cove where no one else will bother you (only accessible by the water) and spend the day swimming and enjoying the beach before being picked up again and taken home in style.

Snorkeling and Sunbathing: Take a trip to do some snorkelling, stop at a couple of spots and then finish the day with food and drinks on the beach.

Surfing Trips: Travel in comfort, and typically 3x as fast as any other transport to remote breaks, and uncrowded breaks.

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